Notes for dim in Autocad

Notes for dim in Autocad

Notes for dim in Autocad (specifying dimension in cad)

As the title of this writing, we will introduce the good-looking and professional way to perform dim.

1. Error of changing dim in Autocad
We had a detailed writing about this error, please kindly have a look at it again!
2. Checking if the dimensioned object on drawing is correct with the rate

You open dialog box dimesion style (guessing everyone can do it), choose style dim in drawing => choose modify
You choose primary units in dialog box and look at the box Scale factor as below picture.

This is the rate for dimension when you dim in drawing.
For example: you set 10, the dimension will be enlarged 10 times => this is very important when you perform a drawing.
3. Adjusting the bottom of dim equally in good looking
Using the way to fix the bottom of DIM

Open dialog box DIM Style as above and choose Modify
You choose Lines card
In Lines card, you find and click at the choice Fix length extension lines/ enter the fixed length of 10. It means that you set up the default for the bottom of DIM with length of 10mm.

Using lisp to cut the bottom of DIM
Please download following to the link at the end of writing. About the way to use lisp:

Command : Cd ↵

You choose the dims need to cut the bottom (you should choose all dims so that the bottoms are equal)
Choose a position at the bottom of dim you want to cut.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!!!

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