3Dmove command in AutoCAD – Move 3D model

3Dmove command in AutoCAD – Move 3D model

The way to call 3Dmove command in AutoCAD

Dashboard Screen menu Type command Tool bar
3Dmake, 3D move Draw 2 » Solids » Box 3Dmove Modeling

3Dmove command is to move the object a determined distance following to a determined direction. When you choose base point, a move grip tool following to 3D view appears.

  • 3Dmove

Select objects: Select object to move.
Select objects:
Specify base point or [Displacement] <Displacement>: Select a point P as base point.
Specify second point or <use first point as displacement>: @150<45 ¿ Enter the point to move in comparison with base point.
Move grip tool is displayed at determined base point. Click the square on axis to constrain the movement following to axis.

Two points you specified define a vector showing the distance which the selected object moves to that direction.

If you press ENTER at the prompt line “Specify Second Point”, the coordinates of base point is considered as a relative moving distance following to X, Y, Z axis. For example, if you enter 100, 120, 60 for base point and press ENTER for next prompt line, the object will be moved 100 units following to the direction of X axis, 120 units following to the direction of Y axis and 60 units following to the direction of Z axis in comparison with their current position.

3Dmove command in AutoCAD – Move 3D model

Rearrange UCS
You can press CTRL+D to turn on dynamic UCS to rearrange grip tool when you move the pointer on surfaces, straight segments and polyline segments. This grip tool orients the working plane basing on the edge of plane that the pointer crosses. You can click to set up grip tool. The coordinates are defined relatively in comparison with this working plane.
Press CTRL+D one more time to turn off dynamic UCS before setting up grip tool back to the original status.

Picture 6.3 – Rearrange UCS to orient the working plane.
Picture 6.3 – Rearrange UCS to orient the working plane.
  • Displacement

– Specify displacement <last value>: Enter coordinates of moving distance following to axis.
Set up grip tool at the coordinate origin (0,0,0). The values of coordinates you enter define the direction and relative distance.

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