Convtosolid command in AutoCAD

Convtosolid command in AutoCAD – Convert the object into 3D solid

The way to call Convtosolid command in AutoCAD

Scroll down menu Screen menu Type command Dashboard
Modify » 3D Operations » Convert to Solid Draw2 » Solids » Convtosolid Convtosolid Convert to Solid

Convtosolid command converts the objects with pulled thickness into 3D solid. The system variable DELOBJ which controls the selected objects will be automatically deleted when solid is created or you are reminded to delete these objects.

These objects can be converted into 3D solid:
– The polylines with same thick width.
– The polylines with closed thick width which equals 0.
– The circles with thickness.

  • Convtosolid

Select objects: Select the thick objects to convert into 3D solids.
Select objects: Continue to select the thick objects to convert or press ENTER to complete (picture 5.47).

  • Note:

You cannot use Convtosolid command to convert the polylines including the tops with the width which equals 0 or including the segments with different width.

Convtosolid command in AutoCAD
Convtosolid command in AutoCAD

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