DimDiameter command in CAD

DimDiameter command in CAD (ddi command in cad, dimdia command in cad, command for specifying the dimension in cad): it is the command to specify the diameter dimension in autocad. Below is the way to use DimDiameter in CAD:

  • Command: dimdiameter,dimdia
  • Shortcut command: ddi
  • Menu : dimension\diameter
  • Command : DDI↵ or Dimdiameter
  • Select arc or circle: Choose the circle at any point.
  • Specify dimension line location or [Mtext/Text/Angle]: The position of dimension line

When you specify dimension of the hole or the circle with small diameter, arrow and dimension number are located outside of the circle. In order to Center mark and Center line do not appear, before specifying the dimension of the radius and diameter, you fix the variable DIMCEN = 0 or choose Type of Center Marks for Circles on dialog box New (Modify) Dimension Styles is None. Choose Mtext, Text and Angle in Dimdiameter command similar to the choices in Dimlinear command.

DimDiameter command in CAD
DimDiameter command in CAD

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