Error of not hatching in CAD (the way to overcome)

Error of not hatching in CAD (the way to overcome)

– Error of not hatching in CAD: is the error when you hatch any material and CAD informs error or not display hatch in CAD. There are some errors as follows:

1. Boundary definition error.

The reason:
1. Although it is a closed shape, lines lie on different planes (few people know)
2. It is an unclosed polyline (a very small detail that you cannot recognize when you have not yet zoom in to check)

The way to correct:
The way to correct for the first reason is as follows:

This error is because you set Z altitude of lines differently => You just need to bring them to the same plane by using MO command, select lines then ESC or you press Ctrl + 1 => please note Z altitude, you set them to Z=0.

The way to correct for the second reason is simpler: You draw again or edit the shape with the open place by F command (fillet) (or you can create an imaginary PL bounding the shape => hatch then delete it)

2. Not display hatch in CAD:

The reason: You set scale too big in comparison with the object to hatch. For example: in the picture, scale 10000 => too big
The way to correct: It is very simple; you just need to reduce scale until it is ok.

Therefore, we have guided you to overcome some popular errors when you hatch. Of course, there will be different errors. Please give your comments for your errors so that we can support you!

Thank you for reading our writing!

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