Make lines smooth in AutoCAD

Make lines smooth in AutoCAD

Make lines smooth in AutoCAD (Increase smoothness of lines in CAD): When drawing arc or circle, in general, after drawing, there is no problem with lines; but after zooming, the object will change to broken line, not circle or arc you want. If you do not increase smoothness of lines to change it to arc or circle, when printing out in paper, it will be hard to understand for readers. Moreover, it also shows lack of professionalism of drawer.

In this writing, we will guide you 2 methods to overcome the above problem:

Method 1:
Command : Op ↵ => Options dialog box appears.
You go to display section => Look at display resolution
In Arc and circle smoothness box, you see default of 1000 to increase smoothness, you enter bigger value => For example, you enter 4000

Method 2: (more quickly and we often use before printing)
Command : Re ↵ => circle will be smooth!

Above is two methods to make lines smooth in AutoCAD.

Thank you for following our writing!

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