Set up layer in AutoCAD

Set up layer in AutoCAD

In all technical construction drawings, management about lines of drawing following to layer is indispensable for engineers and architects. Good at using layer allows users to perform an exact and beautiful drawing which helps to print quickly and meet the demands. This writing will guide you to set up layer in AutoCAD.

  • Comman: LA

– Name of layer includes 3 parts:

+ Name of technical subject: A (architecture); S (structure); C (infrastructure) ;M (water, air conditioner); E (electricity, light electricity …)….

+ Layer: ANNO: Annotation, SECT: Section,….

+ Meaning of Layer

The above information is name of layer following to the way users set.

For example: Architect-Annotation-Deminson

– Layer following to Architecture


+ A- ANNO-DIM /44 /0.13mm /Continous
+ A- ANNO-HATCH /8 /0.09mm /Continous
+ A- ANNO-SYMBOL /7 /2.5mm /Continous
+ A- ANNO-TEXT /8 /2.5mm /Continous
+ A-AXIS /8 /0.13mm /Center
+ A-HIDDEN /8 /0.13mm /Hidden
+ A-PROJ-DARK /3 /0.25mm /Continous
+ A-PROJ-THIN /9 /0.15mm /Continous
+ A-PROJ-FURN /167 /0.13mm /Continous
+ A-PROJ-LINE /7 /0.25mm /Continous
+ A-SECT-CONC /2 /0.50mm /Continous
+ A-SECT-GLAZ/133 /0.25mm /Continous
+ A-SECT-STELL /6 /0.60mm /Continous
+ A-SECT-WALL /4 /0.50mm /Continous
+ A-TEMP /9 /0.25mm /Continous

– Layer following to Infrastructure (Civil)

+ C- ANNO-DIM /45 /0.13mm /Continuous
+ C- ANNO-HATCH /8 /0.5mm /Continuous
+ C- ANNO-SYMBOL /7 /2.5mm /Continuous
+ C- ANNO-TEXT /8 /2.5mm /Continuous
+ C-AXIS /9 /0.13mm /Center
+ C-HIDDEN /9 /0.13mm /Hidden
+ C-PROJ-DARK /3 /0.25mm /Continuous
+ C-PROJ-THIN /9 /0.15mm /Continuous
+ C-PROJ-LINE /7 /0.25mm /Continuous
+ C-SECT-CONC /2 /0.50mm /Continuous
+ C-SECT-STELL /6 /0.60mm /Continuous
+ C-SECT-WALL /4 /0.50mm /Continuous
+ C-TEMP /9 /0.25mm /Continuous

– Set up lineweight:
+ Lines are usually divided into 5 types:
Very thin = 0.05mm
Thin =0.09mm
Normal =0.25mm
Bold =0.5mm
Very bold =1.0mm

+ If normal line with width is b (0.25mm or 0.35mm), bold line equals 2 times of thickness of normal line (2b =0.5mm or =0.7mm) and thin line equals a half of normal line (b/2
=0.13mm or 0.18mm).

– Set up line style:

+ Continuous: Use default continuous line
+ Axis: Use Center line
+ Hidden: Use Hidden line

Set up layer in AutoCAD

Some commands of managing layer:

  • Layoff: Turn off the selected layer (layoff => space, select layer to turn off at viewport.
  • Layon: Turn on layers (layon => space, the layers which are turn off at viewport will be turned on again.
  • Layiso: Isolate layer (layiso => space, select layer to display on viewport, the other layers will be turned off.
  • Layuniso: Turn on layer which has just been used layiso.
  • Laymcur: Select current layer (laymcur => space, select current layer to continue to draw others)
  • Laycur: Assign current layer to object (it is similar to Matchop command, when A layer is being used to draw, you want some lines of a shape belonging B layer to change to A layer, you use laycur command => space, select lines to change layers)
  • Laymcur: Select current layer (laymcur => space, select current layer to continue to draw others.
  • LTS: Edit dash scale (when you see dash lines as continuous lines, you can use this command to make space for those dashes to view easier, call LTS command => space, enter any value)
  • Laywalk: Investigate which layer is (enter laywalk command => space, a dialog box with all layers available in drawing appears, you select a layer to check it is used to draw for what detail…) use together with Laytrain when you change layer for drawing.
  • LayMRG: Change this layer object to other layer object (this command helps to change all drawn by A layer to B layer, to use it, you type LayMRG => space 2 times, select layer to change or write name of A layer to B layer-> space, continue to select layer of layer name you want to change, here is A layer)
  • Laytrans: Rename layer of this drawing to layer of other drawing (If you get a drawing with layers which are not similar to layers you are using but you want to change it to C layer = you are using, after you investigate layer by Laywalk command, you use this command to change)
  • Layfrz: Freeze layer (when you want to move or copy a part of drawing without showing some other factors, you can use this command, you type Layfrz command => space, then click to select layer to freeze, the selected layer will disappear at the viewport of drawing)
  • Laythw: Turn on frozen layer (laythw => space)
  • Laylck: Lock layer (you can use to lock one or more layers to carry out other manipulations such as copy, move… if you do not want any layer effecting to those manipulations, of course the drawing shapes by locked layer are still there, type laylck command => space then select layer to lock)
  • Layunlk: Turn on the locked layer by Laylck command (type layunlk => space, select the locked layer to unlock)

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