Set up to create Template file in AutoCAD

Set up to create Template file in AutoCAD

In working process with AutoCAD, users usually have to use again and again the settings such as Text style, DimStyle, Units, Tablestyle, Layer. Therefore, after editing full of those necessary properties, we should create a template file. This writing will guide you the steps to create Template file in AutoCAD.

STEP 1: You save the edited file, the following notice will appear:

STEP 2: Select to save file as the ending .dwt => Next, you name for template file => select Save

STEP 3: When you save, the following board appears:

+ Description section: This is annotation
+ Measurement: Select unit style of Metric
+ New Layer Notification
Save all layers as unreconciled: Save all layers which cannot be edited later
Save all layers as reconciled: Save all layers which can be edited later (should select)

STEP 4: Set the created template file to AutoCAD so that each time of opening AutoCAD, you always have the edited template file available to proceed to draw once.

To carry out, you do as follows:

Open Options dialog box => select tab files=> click double at Template settings=> Click double to select Default Template File Name for QNEW=> click double at none (or select None then click at Browse at the right top) and find to the path containing the created template file, select Open then Apply => ok. After carrying out these steps, you open a template drawing and check if the settings are available following to the created template file.

We would like to finish the writing of creating Template file in AutoCAD.

Good luck!

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