Soldraw command in AutoCAD – Create the boundary and section

Soldraw command in AutoCAD – Create the boundary and section

The way to call Soldraw command in AutoCAD

Scroll down menu Screen menu Type command
Draw » Modeling » Setup »  Drawing… Draw2 » Solids » Soldraw Soldraw

Soldraw command creates the boundaries and sections in the viewports which are created by Solview command.

The visible lines and hidden lines which perform the projection and the sides of solids in the viewport are created and projected on the plane which is perpendicular with projection direction. The projections and sides are created with all solids and parts of solids behind section. With the sectional view, the dash lines of section are created by using the current values of HPNAME system variable (section name), HPSCALE (section scale), and HPANG (oblique angle of dash line of section sample)

Existing boundaries and sections are deleted and new boundaries and sections are created. All layers, except layers are requested to display boundary and section, are frozen in the viewport.


1. Select viewports to draw …
2. Select objects: Select the viewport of section created by Solview command to draw dash line.
3. Select objects: Select the other viewports to draw sectional view or press Enter to complete.

Soldraw command in AutoCAD – Create the boundary and section

Soldraw command in AutoCAD (2)
Soldraw command in AutoCAD (2)

Do not arrange the permanent information of drawing on layers: view name-VIS, view name-HID and view name-HAT. The information on those layers are deleted and updated when you activate Soldraw command.

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