Text command in Autocad

Text command in CAD (or T command in CAD, Character writing command in CAD):
It is the command that you can enter character lines in drawing. In a Text command, you can enter many character lines in different positions, and the character lines will appear on screen when you enter from Keyboard. Below is the way to use Text command in CAD:

Text command in Autocad
Text command in Autocad

Command: text
Shortcut command: T
Menu : Draw\text\single line text

Command: Text ↵

  • Current text style: “Viet” Text height: – Create the current character style and height
  • Specify start point of text or [Justify/Style] : – Choose the point to fix left margin or enter parameter S to enter character style above.
  • Style name (or ?): After entering S, you enter Style name of character at this prompt line.
  • Specify height <10.000> –Enter the height of character
  • Specify Rotation Angle of Text<0> – Enter the oblique angle of character
  • Enter Text: – Enter character line or Enter to complete the command.

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