DimCenter command in CAD

DimCenter command in CAD (dce command in CAD, command for specifying dimension in CAD): it is the command to draw center line or center mark of a circle or an arc in autocad. Below is the way to use dimcenter command in CAD:

  • Command: DimCenter
  • Shortcut command: dce
  • Menu: dimension\center mark
    Command : DCE↵ or Dimcenter

Select arc or circle: Choose segment of a circle or circle

When using Dimcenter command, depending on DIMCEN variable, the center line and center mark (or just center mark) will appear. After drawing the center line, you need to change the layer for those drawing objects to center line layer, then the center line shape will appear.

DimCenter command in CAD
DimCenter command in CAD

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