Dimension Space command in Autocad

Dimension Space command in Autocad

1. The way to call Dimension Space command in Autocad.

Enter from keyboard Select from Menu Icon
DIMSPACE Dimension\ Dimension Space

2. Meaning of the command

  • This command is to set the space between the parallel dimension lines or make the dimension lines to be aligned with each other.

3. Diagram for carrying out the command

4. Explain the command statement.

Command statement Explanation
Command: Call the command -> Enter
Select base dimension: Click to select the dimension line
Select base dimension to space:  Click to select the next dimension line or enter to complete.
Enter value or [Auto] <Auto> Enter the value of space between the dimension lines.

5. Note

If you enter the space between the dimension lines with the value of 0, the dimension lines will lie on a straight line following to the first selected dimension line.

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