Error of tracking point in AutoCAD and the way to overcome

Error of tracking point in AutoCAD and the way to overcome

While drawing, you still track point normally. However, when you zoom in object, the place of tracking point is not at the same point. It seems they are only adjacent to each other without intersecting with each other. Some users cannot track point in AutoCAD, they select the first point on object then draw without knowing if they have intersected with each other. When they have drawn and zoomed in, they saw that the objects have not yet intersected with each other.

The reason:
The reason for error of tracking point in AutoCAD is usually because of users. This error often happens with new AutoCAD users because they are not familiar in using AutoCAD. The reason of tracking point without intersection is because of setting the smoothness of lines. When smoothness is low, the oblique line or circle is often broken. When you zoom in, you will see the points do not intersect with each other although you turned on regime of tracking point.
For the case that you cannot track point when you draw, mainly it is because you have not set resident mode of tracking point. To turn on resident mode of tracking point in AutoCAD, you do as the below instruction.
Another case is not mentioned above but also popular that the automatic modes of tracking point in AutoCAD run in disorder. You cannot track midpoint in AutoCAD. It means that you want to track midpoint but AutoCAD runs to two heads of line. In this case, you cannot track point in AutoCAD as you want.

Instruction for setting resident mode of tracking point in AutoCAD

To set resident mode of tracking point in AutoCAD, you do as follows:
Enter shortcut command DS => Enter
Drafting setting dialog box appears.
You select Object Snap dialog box
In Object Snap dialog box, you select one or more modes of tracking point. Commonly, you will select all modes.

Selecting all modes seems very convenient while drawing. However, for small drawings with not big dimension of object, resident modes of tracking point run in disorder that cause difficulty for you to track point. For this case, you should select one or two suitable regimes with style of tracking point you want.

Some popular modes of tracking point when drawing AutoCAD:

Enpoint: End point
Center: Center point
Midpoint: Midpoint
Intersection: Intersection point
Quadrant: Quadrant point of circle
Perpendicular: Perpendicular point
Tangent: Tangent point

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