Lisp prints drawings at the same time in CAD

Lisp prints drawings at the same time in CAD – Lisp prints most quickly

I have used Lisp to print drawings at the same time in CAD since graduation. Today, we will introduce you the way to use lisp printing quickly. This is indispensable lisp cad

Download lisp prints drawings at the same time to your computer here

The instruction in use:

  • Commad: TPL or IN or MP
Lisp in drawings at the same time in CAD
Lisp in drawings at the same time in CAD

Red frame number 1: Select printer, paper size and printing line. If Lisp has not loaded the available list of printing lines in CAD, you click Add to load Plotstyle.

Red frame number 2: There are 3 options to print in series:

– Block: If you select Block, printing area will lie inside of the selected block. Click Pick to select Block of name frame.
– Rectangle: print the objects inside rectangle drawn by the selected layer.
– All: Select many different objects to make printing frame.

Red frame number 3: Select the path to save PDF file after printing and naming the PDF file.
Red frame number 4: Relate to printing order:
– Normal: The preselected object will be printed first.
– Left -> Right: Print from left to right, not depending to selection.
– Top -> Bottom: Print from top to bottom, not depending to selection.
Click Print to scan and select the area containing the drawings to print, or preview before printing. Other options which are not mentioned should be set as default.


We have already guided you the detailed usage of Lisp prints quickly in CAD.


Thanks for reading!!!

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