Imagequality command in AutoCAD – Control the image quality

Imagequality command in AutoCAD – Control the image quality

The way to start Imagequality command in AutoCAD

Imagequality command controls the quality of image display.


Enter image quality setting [High/Draft] <current>: Enter an option or press ENTER.

Quality establishment effects on the display efficiency: it takes long time to display the images with high quality. The change of this establishment updates immediately the display without re-creating any drawing.

  • Note:

The printed images always use high-quality establishment.

  • High: For the display of high-quality image
  • Draft: For the display of low-quality image
  • Change the quality of image display

1. Start command: Modify Object Image At the Command prompt, enter imagequality.
2. Enter d (Draft) or h (High).

The images with quality display are determined:

  • Display or hide the images

1. Choose the image to edit
2. Enter Properties (CH) command or click the right mouse at drawing region then choose Properties.
3. In the board Properties, to display or hide the image you choose Yes or No in the list Show Image
4. To change the image background between transparent and opaque, you choose Yes or No in the list Transparency

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