Set up mode of Osnap tracking point in AutoCAD

Osnap tracking point in AutoCAD

When you work with AutoCAD, mode of tracking point (Object Snap) is very important to users in creating shape and implementing technical drawing. This writing will guide you to set up Osnap tracking point.

  • Shortcut command: OS
Osnap tracking point in AutoCAD
Osnap tracking point in AutoCAD

Details of tracking modes:

– END POINT: The start point – the end point
– MIND POINT: midpoint
– CENTER: the center of circle, arc
– NODE: Node point
– QUADRANT: Quadrant angle of circle
– INTERSECTION: Intersection point
– EXTENSION: Point on extension line
– INSERTION: Point to insert block
– PERPENDICULAR: Perpendicular point
– TANGENT: Tangent point of circle, arc
– NEAREST: the nearest point
– APPARENT INTERSECTION: Apparent intersection point

– PARALLLEL: Track parallel lines
Depending on using purpose, you turn on suitable modes of tracking point. Users should tick to select the sections “endpoint, midpoint, center, quadrant, intersection, perpendigular, nearest”.

Summary of shortcut commands in AutoCAD:
Below is summary of some important shortcut for AutoCAD users:

F1 Support
F2 Change graphic screen to text screen and vice versa
F3 (Ctrl+F) Turn on/ turn off regime of tracking point
F5 (Ctrl+E) Change projection screen of this measuring axis to projection screen of other measuring axis
F6 (Ctrl+D) Dynamic display of the mouse coordinate when you change its position on screen
F7 (Ctrl+G) Turn on/ turn off Grid tracking point


F8 (Ctrl+L) Turn on/ turn off horizontal and vertical extension line
F9 (Ctrl+B) Turn on/ turn off Snap jumping step
F10 (Ctrl+U) Turn on/ turn off Polar state line
F11 (Ctrl+W) Turn on/ turn off Snap Tracking


F12 Turn on/ turn off display of command name on screen
Ctrl + P Carry out Print command Plot/Print
Ctrl + X Cut drawing
Ctrl + C Copy object
Ctrl + V Paste the copied object
Ships + V Create a block quickly once copying object by Ctrl+C
Ctrl + Q Quit drawing
Ctrl + N Create new drawing
Ctrl + S Save drawing
Ctrl + O Open drawing
Ctrl + Z Carry out Undo command
Ctrl + Y Carry out Redo command
Ctrl + 0 Turn on/ turn off enlarge whole viewport of drawing
Ctrl + 1 Turn on/ turn off Modify command boar – manage object
Ctrl + 2 Turn on/ turn off Design Center dialog box – get date of other drawing
Ctrl + 5 Turn on/ turn off drawing management of SHEETSET
Ctrl + 7 Turn on/ turn off board to get back drawing when it gets out on its own
Ctrl + 8 Turn on/ turn off feature of quick calculator to calculate simply
Ctrl + 9 Turn on/ turn off Command line

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