200 basic shortcut commands in AutoCAD

200 basic shortcut commands in AutoCAD

Summary for basic command in AutoCad

Hello everyone,
Today we will share to you the list of shortcut commands in AutoCAD. Do hope it will help you partly in process of conquering this software!

Please download word file of shortcut commands according to below link to follow easily.

– Below are some pictures about word file:

To create shortcut key for a command, we carry out as below:
Go to menu Tool – choose Customize – Edit program parameters (you will see the list of shortcut commands here)
For example: COPY command: shortcut command is CO/CP. Now you want to change to another character such as OC/PC (please note that it cannot coincide with existing commands) – you find the command line COPY in the list – delete CO/CP – replace by OP/PC – then Save – at the command line: type command REINIT – Choose pgp FILE –
At this moment, you type OC/PC as copy command.

However, this is the edit way and it replaces the original command. If you want to insert command and not delete the original command, please do as below:

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!!!

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