270. Download CAD blocks of desks, work tables, and conference tables

270. Download CAD blocks of desks, work tables, and conference tables
270. Download CAD blocks of desks, work tables, and conference tables

269. Download CAD blocks of various kitchen island floor plans

1. Executive Desk

  • Features: Spacious desk typically made of high-quality wood, often with ornate details and storage drawers.
  • Usage: Designed for executives or professionals, providing ample workspace and a prestigious appearance.

2. Computer Desk

  • Features: Compact desk with a dedicated area for a computer monitor, keyboard, and CPU tower.
  • Usage: Ideal for home offices or workspaces, optimizing space for computer-related tasks.

3. Standing Desk

  • Features: Adjustable height desk that allows users to work while standing or sitting.
  • Usage: Promotes better posture and reduces sedentary behavior, enhancing productivity and health.

4. Corner Desk

  • Features: Designed to fit neatly into a corner, maximizing space in small or tight areas.
  • Usage: Great for home offices or bedrooms, providing a dedicated workspace without taking up too much room.

5. Writing Desk

  • Features: Simple, minimalist desk primarily used for writing or reading, often without storage drawers.
  • Usage: Suitable for tasks that require focus and concentration, offering a clutter-free work surface.

6. Drafting Table

  • Features: Tilted work surface with a ruler or drafting tools for precise technical drawing or design work.
  • Usage: Essential for architects, artists, and engineers, providing a comfortable and adjustable workspace for drafting.

7. Foldable Table

  • Features: Portable table that can be easily folded and stored when not in use.
  • Usage: Convenient for temporary workspaces or events, offering flexibility and space-saving benefits.

8. Study Table

  • Features: Functional desk designed for students, often with built-in storage compartments for books and supplies.
  • Usage: Ideal for studying, homework, or creative projects, providing a dedicated space for learning.

9. Workbench

  • Features: Sturdy table with a large, flat surface, typically used in workshops or garages for DIY projects or repairs.
  • Usage: Provides a stable platform for woodworking, metalworking, or other hands-on tasks.

10. Adjustable Work Table

  • Features: Table with adjustable height and tilt angle, suitable for various tasks and user preferences.
  • Usage: Versatile workspace for activities such as crafting, sewing, or assembly work, accommodating different ergonomic needs.

These different types of desks and work tables cater to a variety of needs and preferences, offering functional and ergonomic solutions for various work and study environments.
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  • File format: .DWG
  • Size: 1.47 MB
  • Source: Collect
  • AutoCAD platform 2018 and later versions. For downloading files there is no need to go through the registration process
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