35.Lightning Rod AutoCAD Blocks

35.Lightning Rod AutoCAD Blocks
35.Lightning Rod AutoCAD Blocks

35.Lightning Rod AutoCAD Blocks

Obstruction Light, concrete Earth Housing Plan, To Earth Pit, 25 X 3 Lightning Earth Strip Cleated Double , 25×3 Copper Earth Flat, Insulated Copper Tape Down, Upto Lightning Earth Grid Air, Lightning Earth Strip Cleated On, mounted Air Terminal , Saddle Terminal, concrete Earth Housing Section, mounted Strike Pad, 25×3 Mm Copper Obstruction, Electrical, Clean, Neutral, Austenitic Earth Pit, Junction Clamp , 25 X 3 Lightning Earth Strip Change-over , typical Earth Pit, Copper Tape 4way, Rawl Plug With Screws Relay , for Drainage Of Water , Copper Braid For Ground Bonding Jumper. For Fixing Light , elevation , Cable Cross Connection , To Lightning Earth Grid Through Test Link With, lightning Earth Pit, Tee Splice, Column To Steel Plate, Lean Concrete, Pipe Bonding, Lightning Conduit Ground Bushing, Bed, Double Cable Connection, Lightning Strip Of 25 X 3mm Connected Tee Splice Horizontal, Waterproof Sealing, Copper Strap To Cable, e-17 Elevation View Of Laying Lightning Strip Copper Tape Bonded, Gravel Filling, Cable To Copper Strap, on Roof Top And Wall Square Clamp, Electrode Pit, Connection, horizontal, Finished With Water Proofing Material Test Clamp, (with Perforated Cover), Connection Vertical, Parapet Wall Or Roof Top Air Terminal Tip, Drainage Of Water, Copper Clad, Air Terminal Saddle

I also suggest downloading Electric Symbols.

  • File format: .DWG
  • Size: 492KB
  • Source: Collect
  • AutoCAD platform 2018 and later versions. For downloading files there is no need to go through the registration process
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