SOLID command in CAD

SOLID command in cad is the command to draw the area that is filled solid. Each 2D Solid is described by 3 or 4 sides. For 3-sides figures, it is very simple, just choosing 3 consecutive points not in a line, you will get a solid triangle. For Solid 4-sides figure, you must note the order of the points when you specify points. If points (1) – (2) describe the first side, points (3) – (4) will describe the opposite side but with the same direction with (1) – (2)

Draw 2D Solid figure.

Command line: Solid
SOLID Specify first point: choose the first point
SOLID Specify second point: choose the second point
Specify third point: choose the third point
Specify fourth point or <exit>: choose the forth point or ↵ to complete

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