Explode command in CAD

Explode command in CAD (xplode command in CAD, x command in CAD): to explode block in autocad. Below is the way to use explode command in cad:

  • Command: Explode or xplode
  • Shortcut command: X
  • Menu: Modify\explode

Command: Explode ↵

  • Select objects: Choose block to explode
  • Select objects: Continue choose or press ENTER to carry out the command

If the block is made from the complex objects: polyline, section, character line… firstly, you carry out Explode command to explode the block into the complex objects, then continue to carry out Explode command to explode these complex objects into single objects. When exploding circle and segment of a circle with different insert rate, they will turn into ellipse or ellipse arc.

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