Instruction for getting license of Autodesk software

Instruction for getting license of Autodesk software

Autodesk is a famous software firm which specializes in supplying software serving for technology. Typically, they are Autocad, MAYA, 3DS Max, Revit, Inventor. Many students need this software with pirated version whereas Autodesk supply Free License for us in a period of enough time (3 years). In that period, version for correcting error will be also updated from Autodesk. Therefore, there is no reason to use the pirated version which both infringes license and is not supported from the company. We will guide the way to receive license key for people who have not known as follows:

Firstly, you access to home page to download software of Autodesk, here. After accessing, a list of software with supported license will appear in the web, including AutoCAD, Revit, Maya,..vv. AutoCAD can be interested the most by many people because many universities train by this software.

After selecting the software to download and being linked to the page of that software, you select “Create Account” to create an Autodesk account which can be used to download much other software.

Fill information to register Autodesk account, at Country box, select at Vietnam, and at Educational Role select at Student, to be confirmed and receive key the most easily.

After filling email, they will send you an email to verify if your email is true. It is unnecessary to use your university’s email. You sign in the registered email to complete verification manipulation.

Check verification email in the inbox of the registered email. Press to select at “Verify Email” to go to the verification page. After verifying, you will be asked which university you come from. If you are a student, please fill your university’s name. It is not important to verify name of university, if you are not a student, it is ok for you to fill a name of any university, for example HCMUT.

After getting account, you just need come back the place to download software, select suitable version, operating system and language, the web will automatically display serial number and key for you. Each key with limitation of 3 years is activated for 2 computers.

Autodesk is also very careful. They also send key via email in case you want to reuse. When you want to reinstall, you just need to find email and activate.

For Autodesk supplies free key, you should not use pirated version with reason of license unless teachers force you to use CAD 2007 or you are familiar with the old version. For new version, it had better to use this way. Good luck!

Thank you for following our writing!

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