Mtext command in CAD

Mtext command in CAD: It is the command to create a text covered by the border of a rectangle. The text is an object of AUTOCAD. Below the way to use Mtext command in CAD:

  • Command: Mtext
  • Shortcut command: MT
  • Menu : Draw\text\Multiline text

Command: MT ↵

  • Current text style: “Viet” Text height: – Create the current character style and height

Specify first corner: – The first origin point of text
Specify opposite corner or……. – The opposite origin point of text

Then dialog box Text Formatting appears. You enter the text in this dialog box same as other software ones.

Mtext command in CAD

You can enter the character line, then blacken and change it characteristics such as FONT, size, bold, italic, underline, color…

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