Divide command in AutoCAD – Divide objects in CAD

The way to use Divide command in AutoCAD:

  • Menu: Draw –> Point –> Divide
  • Command: Divide or DIV

Divide command is to divide objects (Line, Arc, Circle, Pline, Spline) into the segments with equal length. At the dividing points of objects, a point will appear. Divided object still keeps stable of its nature as an object. To define the style for these dividing points, you use PointStyle command. To catch these points, you use catching method NODe.

Command : DIV

  • Select object to divide: – Choose object to divide
  • Enter the number of segments or [Block]: – Enter the number of segments to divide or enter B (if choose B, the below prompt line appears) to insert a Block into dividing segments.
  • Enter name of block to insert: Enter name of block to insert
  • Align block with object? [Yes/No] <Y>: Do you want to turn the block when inserting?
  • Enter the number of segments: Enter the number of segments to divide

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