Hi command – Hide command – The command hides the hidden lines in 3D model

Hi command – Hide command – The command hides the hidden lines in 3D model

1. The way to call Hi command (Hide command) in AutoCAD

Scroll down menu Screen menu Type command Tool bar
View » Hide View 2 » Hide Hide Render

Hide command is to hide the hidden lines of 3D models and 3D solids.

When you use the commands Vpoint, Dview, or View to view 2D drawing from 3D model, a wireframe appears in current viewport. All visible and hidden lines are performed. Hide command remove the dash lines out of screen.

Hide command considers the objects: circles, solids, traces, text, regions as opaque faces which can be hidden. The polyline segments are assigned the width, 3D faces, polygon net, the edges of dragged object with different thickness.

If HIDETEXT system variable is assigned as ON and text is assigned a value of thickness, texts created by Dtext, Mtext, Text command will be hidden when calling Hide command.

When using Hide command, if INTERSECTIONDISPLAYsystem variable is assigned as ON before, tangents among surfaces of 3D faces are displayed as polylines.

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