3DZoom command in AutoCAD – Zoom the viewport object

3DZoom command in AutoCAD – Zoom the viewport object

1. The way to call 3DZoom command in AutoCAD.

Dashboard Scroll down menu Type command Tool bar
3D Navigate » Zoom View » Zoom » Realtime 3DZoom 3D Navigate

3DZoom command is to zoom in or zoom out the perspective projection on viewport.

  • 3Dzoom

In the parallel projection, 3DZoom command displays the following prompt line:

  • Press ESC or ENTER to exit, or right-click to display shortcut-menu.
  • Zoom In the perspective projection emulating the move of Camera near or far to target. The objects appear nearer or farer but Camera position is unchanged.
  • Enter option [All/Extents/Window/Previous] <real time>: Enter an option.

2. The options with 3DZoom command in AutoCAD.

  • All: Display whole drawing.

– Extents: Display whole drawing and enlarge to maximum if possible.
– Window: Display the region defined by 2 opposite points of rectangle window.
– Previous: Display the images of previous Zoon command.
– Real Time: Use the moving pointer to zoom the interactive screen.


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