PE command in CAD – connect line to useful polyline

PE command in CAD – The command to connect line to polyline in cad or the command to connect the lines in cad is PEDIT command in fact.
Method 1: Using PE command:
Command : PEDIT ↵ to start the command then ENTER
Select polyline or [Multiple] (Choose polyline to edit)

  • Choose Multiple allow you to choose many objects on the prompt line “Select polyline:” Choose M
  • Objects selected is not a polyline (Objects selected is not a polyline)
  • Do you want it turn into one? (Do you want to turn the selected object into polyline? Press ENTER to turn it into polyline). Then the prompt line to edit polyline appears. If the selected object is polyline, the prompt line to edit all polylines will appear.
  • Enter an option [Close/Join/Width/Edit vertex/Fit/Spline/Decurve/Ltype gen/Undo]: J (Choose J and ENTER to complete the command)

Method 2: Using attached lisp

This Lips helps you not need to fill in the above long steps.

Command: JF ↵
Choose objects, Enter
Press enter

PE command in CAD
PE command in CAD

Note: there is Join command in CAD to connect objects. However, Join command can only connect the straight lines in line with each other. It does not have the same function as the above lisp.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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