Vpclip command in AutoCAD – Clip an create the new view port

Vpclip command in AutoCAD – Clip an create the new view port

The way to start Vpclip command in AutoCAD.

vpclip command is to clip the viewport objects and re-create the shape for viewport boundary.


  • Select viewport to clip: select the viewport to clip
  • Select clipping object or [Polygonal/Delete] <Polygonal>: select the object to clip
  • Clipping Object

Choose an object to activate to make the clipping boundary. The objects can be the clipping boundary including: closed poly-lines, circles, ellipses, closed splines, and regions.

  • Polygonal

Draw a clipping boundary. You can draw straight segments or arcs by defining the points. The below prompt line appears:

  • Specify start point: Choose start point
  • Specify next point or [Arc/Close/Length/Undo]: Choose next point or use the option

The descriptions of the options Next Point, Arc, Close, Length and Undo are similar to the descriptions of the options in Pline command.

  • Delete

Delete the clipping boundary of the chosen viewport. This option is only available if the chosen viewport was clipped.

  • Clip the boundary of viewport

1. Enter vpclip command

2. Choose the viewport to clip

3. Enter d (Delete) to delete the clipping boundary

4. Enter p (Polygonal)

5. Define the points, or choose the object, to define the new boundary for viewport.

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