Convert CAD to Word the most easily, quickly and exactly

Convert CAD to Word the most easily, quickly and exactly

In completing part of items of a project, the period such as reporting about drawing will need to change CAD to Word to have a standard report the most professionally. Apart from that, students or teachers also need to change to Word so as to make projects, curricula. Therefore, the demand to convert CAD to Word is very necessary. Today we will guide you to convert CAD to Word the most easily and exactly. Please refer below for more understanding.

There are many methods to convert to Word such as: directly copy from AutoCAD version to Word but quality of image is not guaranteed. For that reason, we would like to introduce you a software which can keep the quality of image the best, with the most exactly font, that is BetterWMF software.

Download software to convert CAD to Word (BetterWMF): Here

The detailed instruction in use of software to convert CAD to Word

Step 1: After downloading the above software, you proceed to install the software

You select I accept the agreement and press Next

Next, you select the place to save file then press Next

You continue to press Next

Finally, you press Install and wait for the software installed. The software with 7MB is very light.

Step 2: After installing, you open the software by pressing Start –> Select BetterWMF for Autocad LT then there will have interface as the following picture:

Step 3: Meaning of Items that need attention:

Lines and text:

  • Width unmodified: The default lines are thin line.
  • Fixed linewidth (inch): Enter linewidth following to inch unit

Filled colors

  • Make all black: All black
  • Color unmodified: Default color unchanged

It is devised to select as above then you press OK

Step 4: You go to autocad to check efficiency of this software. You will scan to select the objects to print in word. Then you press the key combination Ctrl + C

Step 5: You open word file and press the key combination Ctrl + V. You will get as the below picture.

Especially, this software can copy from Word to CAD and is used by doing in contrary following to the below instruction:

1. Copy the image from word.
2. Go to autocad -> Go to Home. At Paste section, you press to see “scroll down list” and select Paste Special.

3. The below picture appears and you press to select AutoCAD Entities and select OK

Finally, you can edit on AutoCAD by the image.

Thank you for always following our writing!

Good luck!

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