Writing command in CAD 2007

About writing in CAD 2007, it includes tect and Mtext. Below is details about 2 types:
For current drawings, text styles in autocad have a private format. It is the name of character that helps us to manage text easier. About character font, height, italic or bold.
Press at tool bar Format > text style, a dialog box appears, you need to understand the characteristics in it.

Writing command in CAD 2007
Writing command in CAD 2007


  • New: creat a new style
  • Rename: Rename style created at section new.
  • Delete: delete the name of style that not need to be used.


  • Font name: Choose font for style, font autocad needs to be used in drawing.
  • Font style: style for font appears when clicking at use big font. You do not need to click because this type is rarely used.
  • Height: enter the height of character, it should be 0. Later, when using the writing command you will enter the height.


  • Upside down: reverse character, no need to click.
  • Backwards: character writing from left to right, no need to click.
  • Vertical: every word writen following vertical direction, no need to click.
  • With factor: elasticities of every character, smaller than a character shrank and vice versa.
  • Oblique angle: oblique of character, it is oblique angle in comparison with X axis. No need to enter. We will enter when using the writing command.

You will understand more clearly when seeing the changes on screen preview. After completing a name of style, press apply to create a new style you want.
Note: If in drawing many types of font in autocad are used, you need to create same quantity of style.


SINGLE TEXT only write a character line. Carry out the command as below:

    • Press Draw > text > single line text.
    • Enter shortcut command DT and press enter.

Sequencely carry out at line command:

  1. Specify start point of text or [Justify/Style]: Click to choose start point or enter parameters Justify or Style. Enter command S (style) to enter style name at the first part.
  2. Enter style name or [?] <Standard>: Enter style name
  3. Specify start point of text or [Justify/Style]: Click to choose start point, you can use method of catching point.
  4. Next:

Note: You can enter Justify to adjust text. For example center to adjust characters to 2 sides and similar for other parameters.


To writie many lines in 1 time, you should use mtext command. Carry out the command as below:

  • Press Draw > text > multiline text.
  • Enter shortcut command MT and press enter.

After carrying out the command, click to choose the first angle point, click to choose the second angle point. A board appears that helps you to choose parameters to write.

Writing command in CAD 2007
Writing command in CAD 2007

Choose the parameters at dialog box, then write character and press OK to complete. You can pull the bar at the top of Text box to donw the line for text.

In many cases, you wrote text in autocad, but you want to change to other character. How to do? You can use one of the below methods:

Using command to delete that character line and rewrite by one of the writing commands in cad as above.
Click double left mouse at that character line and retype the text.
Using DDEDIT command by typing shortcut command ED, click at that character line and type text.

With basic instruction about the way to use writing command in cad, depending on the style of text in autocad, you can choose Text or Mtext suitably.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!!!

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